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Provider of External Quality Control Solutions

At Tree Med, we understand the importance of upholding unwavering quality standards in the esteemed realm of healthcare. As a distinguished leader in the industry, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge Quality Control (QC) solutions, including our External Quality Control (EQC) program.

Our EQC program offered in partnership with the National Reference Laboratory of Australia, stands as a beacon of excellence, empowering laboratories safeguard the utmost accuracy and dependability in their diagnostic testing processes.

As specialists in infectious disease quality control, NRL has developed and validated a more appropriate approach to monitoring infectious disease QC.  QConnect uses historical data submitted into our real-time QC software EDCNet, to calculate acceptance limits for each QC/Assay combination, using thousands of QC results.  In this way, participants can be confident that any QC results falling outside this range, truly represents an unexpected variation, which requires investigation.

NRL QConnect approach is the only scientifically validated way to monitor infectious disease testing QC results.

What is the QConnect Concept?

  1. Highest quality control samples, using true human disease-state plasma, optimised for each test system
  2. Data collection into the cloud-based EDCNet software
  3. EQC test results, analysed against peer (EQC/Test Kit) test results, displayed in graphical and tabular forms
  4. QConnect Limits, established using thousands of peer results, set upper and lower acceptance limits of EQC results, flagging when unacceptable results are detected.

With our esteemed team of seasoned experts, we collaborate closely with you to fashion a bespoke EQC program that seamlessly aligns with your unique needs and regulatory requisites. Our comprehensive proficiency testing materials, advanced data analysis tools, and unwavering support enable you to effortlessly maintain compliance while continually enhancing your laboratory's performance.

By entrusting Tree Med's EQC solutions, you unlock the gateway to elevating the quality of your diagnostic testing, minimizing errors, and ultimately amplifying patient care outcomes. Rest assured; we stand resolute in our commitment to be your trusted partner on the journey toward unwavering excellence in quality control.

Contact us today to embark on a transformative EQC program and discover how we can fortify your quality control endeavors